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Welcome to your new home of vitamin learning

We’ve done enough research to last you three lifetimes

Are you like us and feel compelled to know more about vitamins? We’ve been obsessed with the topic of vitamin ingredients and formulations for over two decades. And we think it’s only right you get to share in the knowledge.


It’s time to lift the veil

For too long, vitamin companies have kept the stuff they put into their pills, tablets, and gummies a mystery for their consumers. Liquid Health has a different philosophy. We think it’s your right to where our ingredients are found, what makes them special, and how we approach quality.
Every Liquid Health ingredient, explained
Black dog with a red scarf running down an alley full of autumn leaves
by Editor

Living With A Hyperactive Dog

Sad brown dog laying in bed looking outside
by Editor

Joint discomfort in Pets

Brown puppy sleeping on the floor next to a stuffed animal
by Editor

How Sleep Affects Your Dog

Grey puppy pug walking through grass and flowers
by Editor

Can Dogs Be Vegetarian?

Happy dog running during an autumn day
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How To Handle Complaints About Your Dog

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How to Keep Your Dog’s Fur Shiny

Wood laying next to a fireplace
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Fire Safety For Your Pets

Beautiful cat with big eyes opened covered by paper
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Weird Cat Behavior and What It Means

Happy dog walking through a field
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How To Safely Hunt With A Dog

Woman petting a dog next to a fence
by Editor

Caring for Your Pet’s Dry Skin

Two happy dogs next to a blue lake in the mountains
by Editor

Acclimating A New Pet To The Family

Happy brown dog on a country road
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How To Care For A Dog With Fleas

Woman petting a husky puppy next to the ocean
by Editor

Reasons for Hair Loss in Pets

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