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3 Reasons Your Dog Needs Vitamins Too

You may think that vitamins are just for humans, but as it turns out your dog needs them too. Dogs are complex creatures that need vitamins to stay healthy and live a long life. They can get these vitamins through their diet or through supplements such as the ones at Liquid Health Pets. Here are 3 Reasons why your dog needs vitamins too.

1. Health Problems

Many dogs may from a variety of health problems. When problems like these occur, the best option is to visit your local vet and get your dog checked out. However, there are some precautions that you can take to help lower the chances of your dog having these problems. For joint support, you can always try out some K9 Glucosamine Joint supplements that are designed to help your dog's joints. It is important to take precautions like this because nearly 25% of all dogs will develop some type of joint mobility issues over their lifetime. If you want to learn more about how glucosamine can help your dog we have a blog post you can read located here.

2. Diet

A dog's diet plays an important role in determining if you need to give your dog vitamins. According to the FDA, most dogs receive a balanced diet that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals from commercially processed food. However, dogs that are fed a homemade diet especially may need supplements. This also doesn't mean that dogs that eat commercially processed food don't need vitamin supplements either. It all depends on the number of in your dog's food. Supplements were not created to replace a healthy diet, but to assist a healthy diet by filling in the gaps that may be present in regards to their nutrient intake.

Your Dog Needs Vitamins Too

3. Staying Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy is one of, if not the most important thing a dog owner wants for their pet. If vitamins in the form of liquid supplements are the way to go then you might as well give them a try. Dawn M. Boothe, DVM, MS, Ph.D., the director of the clinical pharmacology lab at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine reminds pet owners to; “Make sure you stick with a standard of care and use the supplements as they were intended, as supplements.”


If you are deciding to get your dog a vitamin supplement its important to remember that many vitamins made for humans are not safe for pets. According to " It is very important, however, not to give pets human vitamins. Since pets have different requirements than we do, supplementing your dog or cat with human vitamins can actually be harmful to them. " Getting your hands on some vitamins for your dog is not as hard as it seems. If you are looking to grab some for yourself then you can check out our products page for a full list of products and find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our pet products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.