Liquid Leads The Pack

Are liquid vitamins going to give your special friend boundless energy and everlasting life? No. But sometimes we’re surprised just how helpful liquid nutrition can be.

Liquids really deliver in every way that counts. Easy on your pet’s digestion, packed full of whole nutrition, and delivered in a delicious form they’re eager to gobble up. Once you go liquid, you won’t want to go back.

When it comes to absorption, nothing else comes close

Thanks to the science we’ve pioneered, our liquid vitamins are really special. They’re pre-digested so absorption is easy on your pet’s stomach and cold processed so every molecule of goodness is kept intact. It’s the next best thing to a belly rub.

Digestion Helped By Science

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use some pretty cool tech. Our nano-blenders and jet-engine powered mixers blends ‘pre-digested’ for your pet.

Digestion In Minutes

Since all products are pre-digested and perfectly pH balanced, nutrient absorption is quick and gentle for your little fur baby. Their digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard.


Non-liquid brands have to use heat processing, which destroys active ingredients. We instead us cold processing, which retains everything, including natural flavorings.

Ingredients Explained

Our formulations are based from a deep knowledge of pet nutrition. We then explain every ingredient to you in terms that you can understand. So you know exactly what you’re putting in your little one’s body.

Say goodbye to icky binders and fillers

Pills need fillers, lubricants, and additives to be ‘stable’ before given to your pet. Then their body has to break down these agents just to get to the good stuff.

Say hello to pure goodness

Our liquids are simply exceptional ingredients, plus natural sweeteners and flavors. Pure good stuff, held to the highest standards, ready to go.

Turn your pet’s health into their most special treat

We cracked the code in flavor.

Imagine healthful blends that you can actually use as a gravy or topper. It’s the best of all the worlds. Just pour over their food, and they’ll dig right in. No fuss, no muss.


Most pets love our liquids, especially over chewable. That said, not every animal is built the same or has the same palette. If your pet doesn’t immediately devour one of our blends, get in touch with our team. We’ll give you suggestions or figure out how to make it right.