Beautiful white horse running near a fence

A Crash Course in Buying a Horse: What Equine Supplies You’ll Need


So you want to buy a horse? Many people have had the same dream and ended up in a sticky situation because they didn’t buy all the necessary equine supplies. These supplies range from joint supplements, proper riding equipment and, believe it or not, horse vitamins. Buying a horse is very different from buying almost any other pet. These majestic creatures, though wonderful to own, are not right for everyone. They require a lot of care, attention and money. A lot of money. So before you start looking up cute horse names, read this.

Basic Equine Supplies

You must remember when purchasing your supplies that these creatures are huge. An adult horse can weigh anywhere from 800 lbs. to over 2,000 lbs. Don’t skimp on quality because of costs or you’ll end up having to repurchase a product which will end up costing you the same or more than the better quality brand you should have bought in the first place.



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  • Tube – This is for horses that cannot or will not voluntarily (usually a sick horse). It’s exactly what it sounds like and is made for easy passage. You may want to consider the size when purchasing this one.
  • Heated Buckets/Water Heater–For horses that will be living in very cold environments, meant to heat their water and keep them warm.
  • Water Trough/Large Bucket - This will be required for general purposes.

Grooming and Handling Supplies

  • Curry Comb – A rubber/plastic comb used to rub or “curry” the dirt, tangles and loose hair from the horse. Horse vitamins in conjunction with this “currying” process will help to maintain and improve your horse’s skin and coat health.
  • Hoof Pick – One of the most important of the equine supplies, it’s used for removing debris (like snow, gravel and mud) that gets stuck, which can be  dangerous for both rider and horse.
  • Mane Comb/Body Brush – Like the Curry Comb, these tools helps to improve coat health but are generally used afterwards to smooth the “curried” coat.
  • Fly Repellant –Horse skin is so sensitive that a tiny fly biting or landing on them is enough to cause them discomfort.

Riding and Driving Equine Supplies

  • Safety Stirrups or one inch heeled boots
  • Bridle – This is for discipline and training purposes. This is as important to your horse as it is important to you as the horse owner.
  • Saddles with Girth
  • Saddle Pad/Blanket – Improves the saddles fit and protects the horse from uncomfortable pressure points.
  • Driving Whip – For training and discipline purposes.
  • Halters and Lead Ropes – Halters are put on the lead rope for tying and leading purposes. Lead ropes are used to “lead” your horse.

Horse Vitamins and Joint Supplements

Regardless of what you’ll be using your horse for, you’ll need to purchase horse vitamins for overall health and joint supplements to keep those fragile joints in prime condition. There are many joint supplements and vitamin products to choose from so make sure you do your research and talk to your local vet about which product is best for your horse.

With the proper amount of horse vitamins and minerals, your horse will be able to perform at their best and look amazing while doing it.