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Happy International Cat Day!

International Cat Day is this Thursday! Otherwise known as World Cat Day, it is celebrated on August 8th. People all over the world celebrate one of mankind's greatest companions on this day. Continue reading to learn more about World Cat Day and how you can celebrate it for yourself.

The History of International Cat Day

International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, with its headquarters being in Washington DC, in 2002. 2019 marks the 17th year that people have been celebrating World Cat Day. It is a day to raise awareness for all of our feline friends and learn more ways to help or protect them.

Although there is no certain history of World Cat Day, states that "In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to harness the glory of the feline. Nearly 4,000 years ago, they domesticated our four-legged friends by keeping them near food stores." Doing this helped keep rodents and other pests away from the food. Throughout time, the Egyptians started worshipping cats and they became gods to them.

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How to celebrate it

There are many different ways that people celebrate world cat day. According to, there are many great ways to celebrate World Cat Day. You could do things like:

Volunteering at your Local Cat Shelter

There are over 3 million cats entering animal shelters every year. Many shelters are seeking help year-round and would greatly appreciate your help. You even wouldn't have to actually take care of the cats, but just show them some love and affection.

Visit a Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are now becoming more and more popular in the United States. They are originally from Japan but have since moved. If you are wondering what you do at a cat cafe, it is simple. You spend the day sipping coffee with friends and petting some kittens.

Donate To a Cat Charity

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Another way that they list to celebrate World Cat Day is to donate to a cat charity. Giving to a charity is a great way to help out some of the cats in need. Besides the International Fund for Animal Welfare, who created International Cat Day, there are many great charities to give to. Some of these are:

Some other great things that you could do to celebrate would be to adopt one of the many cats looking for a home. You could also buy cat-themed merchandise or show you cat some love and affection. One great way to show your cat you love them is by getting them some Joint Purrfection to help them with their joint. From everyone at Liquid Health Pets, we hope you and your feline friend have a wonderful Cat Day!