Woman petting a dog next to a fence

Caring for Your Pet’s

When it comes to our pets, is a concern. There are many reasons why it develops, so caring for your pet’s is vital. It is not always just a result of dry weather. That is why you should always keep a close eye on the condition of your pet’s skin and fur.


a cat itching his head because of dry skin

Allergies – Animals get allergies just like people do. That is why it is important to pay attention to what you your pets and how they react to it. Pets can also be allergic to things like dust, pollen, grass, and fleas. Cats can even have and vomit as a result of eating something poisonous like plants. If you notice your cat constantly itching after vomiting, contact a vet immediately. Check out our article, "Pets and Allergies", for more information.

Parasites – One cause of in pets is lice. Lice are often mistaken for , so it is important to take a closer look. Lice do not fall off fur as easily as. If your pet has lice, it should be treated as soon as possible because they can cause mange. Luckily, humans cannot get lice from other species of animals.

Disorders – Metabolic and auto-immune diseases can cause in pets. If there have been no changes to your pet’s environment, their skin condition could be internal.

Breed – Some breeds of dogs are more likely to develop skin conditions than others. Hairless breeds, huskies, and malamutes are some of the dog breeds more likely to develop skin conditions.

Poor Diet – At the root of most health problems is diet. Be sure that your pets are getting the proper their bodies need. There are many human foods both dogs and cats cannot eat, so be sure you and no one else is them. They should only be eating food specifically designed and recommended for them. You can also talk to your vet about them pet supplements. Liquid Health Pets offers many supplements in liquid form for easy consumption.

Overbathing – Bathing your pet too often can also dry out their skin. If your vet has ruled out other potentially harmful causes, minimize washing your pet to only once every other week. Be sure that you are also using a shampoo that is either for cats or dogs and does not contain any harmful chemicals.


Talking to your vet before beginning any treatment is important to rule out serious concerns. To help relieve their itching in the meantime, you can even try a Colloidal Silver Spray. Caring for your pet’s is vital. If you are concerned about their, pay close attention to their environment. If there are new pets, you have moved, have traveled, or have fed them anything different, take note. Paying close attention to the details in your pet’s life will make it easier to pinpoint the root of the cause. Most importantly, take care of your pets. Be sure they are receiving a well-balanced diet, are bathed, and exercise regularly.