Brown cat stretching with her mouth opened

Cat Calming Spray, Drops and Cat Stress Relief Solutions

Cat Calming Issues

From cat calming sprays and calming drops to pet massages and super foods, you will encounter a wide range of cat stress relief options on various websites and online stores. This is perhaps because as many as 24% of all cats are affected by stress according to a popular Cat survey. Ranging from the disturbing scent emanating from a slow-cooker to the noises from rowdy neighbors and sounds by vexatious wild birds, there are several instances that can stress your cat and ultimately affect its health. If you are a pet lover, therefore, you need a wide range of cat stress relief options, whether they are natural or over-the-counter provisions. Wondering what to do? This article highlights some of the best stress relief options.

Use a Cat Calming Spray or Drops.

With a wide range of products out there, it is perhaps wise to ignore the hype and go for a branded product that will best suit your furry feline. A spray or drops can be designed in such a way that it can mimic a mother’s soothing pheromones, which has been found to be very calming. Furthermore, sprays and drops can be particularly helpful to any cat that is bound to develop issues and stress from instances such as car travel, thunderstorms, separation from the owner and the presence of other animals. A cat calming spray or drop formula can as well be used on cats that exhibit general fearfulness, a condition that baffles most cat owners. There are high chances that your pet will feel relaxed though the use of a cat calming spray or drop supplement as a result of the soothing system that the supplement contains.

Use Music

When it comes to natural cat stress relief options, music tops the list. If you particularly separate from your cat for a certain duration, there is a particular type of music that can reduce stress and problems in your pet. You will encounter a series of clinically researched piano music that is essential in calming your cat. If you will be around, on the other hand, singing a song will do better than recorded music because human emotion expressed in our tonal quality will transmit to the cat more effectively and therefore help the cat calm down. If you habitually sing to the cat to express love and soothe her when she is sick, the cat will gradually associate your singing with environmental friendliness and calmness. As such, take time with your pet and sing a gentle song, perhaps it is the only thing that she has missed. At all times, however, never use heavy metal music because it will only serve to amplify your cat's frustration.

Exercise Your Cat

Stress extends beyond the cat to other animals especially when they lack sufficient exercise. When is the last time you played with your cat? Your cat will definitely feel and look calmer whenever blood flows at the appropriate rate. Just like human beings, a cat will feel valued whenever you take the time to play with him or her and give the assurance that everything is alright. If stress has become a routine for your cat, try exercising because it will do you good as well.

Your Cat Well

Some of the hyperactive cats will behave the way they do because of what you are them on. As is the case with human beings, there are certain foods that can provide cat stress relief. To be precise, foods with synthetic preservatives and byproducts will make the condition go worse. Instead, focus on foods that are said to reduce cat discontentment. These include high-protein foods such as chicken, salmon, and beef. If you need plant products for your cat, look for foods that have oats as one of the ingredients. Oats are not just healthy but calming as well. Whenever you buy cat food from the store, be wary of the ingredients and at all times avoid synthetic by-products.

Provide Some Massage

Have you ever gone for a massage to experience the calming sensation for yourself? It will do the same to your cat. 3-5 minutes of a massage can do well in reducing cat stress. A number of veterinarian offices are offering pet massage services but it is definitely something that you can do yourself. Animals that are massaged regularly appear to be more relaxed and personable because they feel cherished. If you have little to no time for your cat, perhaps it is time you understood that the results of massaging your cat are two-fold since it keeps you occupied and hence reduces your stress levels.

Provide a Toy

As aforementioned, cats could express symptoms of stress as a result of boredom. Spend a little on new toys to counter this problem and help your cat lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Each time that you visit the stores, find your cat a toy that is challenging and interesting to play with. These type of toys will really challenge your cat, but be sure to change them often before they bring boredom as well. After weeks of withdrawal, you can then resurrect the old toys to avoid overspending.

Stress No More

In summary, a cat is one of the best pets that you will ever have but your companionship with this little one mostly draws from its happiness. While stress is an everyday occurrence that affects most cats just like it does to human beings, this assortment of cat stress relief strategies will help you deal with the problem and have a cheery cat that is fun to live with.