Woman in red holding a kitty

Christmas Gifts Your Pet Will Love

Christmas time is here! It is the season of giving and spending time with the ones you love. A lot of people have their own Christmas morning traditions. Many people even include their pets in gift exchanges on Christmas morning. Here are some Christmas gifts your pet will love for those who consider their pets as part of the family.

Dog gifts on a budget

Jerky Sticks – There are a lot of great jerky treats out there that are healthy for your dog. Your dog will also love them well, because, it’s a big chunk of meat.

Kong Dog Toy – Dogs love these. You can play fetch with them and let them chase it down while it bounces all over the place. You can also stuff it with treats and keep them busy for hours.

Bones – What dog doesn’t love to sit and chew on a bone? These bones created by Nylabone are designed to feel just chewing on a bone without the risk of cracking and splinters.

Balls for playing fetch – A lot of people just use tennis balls for playing fetch. However, the nylon on tennis balls can wear down the enamel on their teeth. The “ChuckIt!” ball is designed to be fun, withstand your pet, and not harm your pet’s teeth.

Ear Cleaner - Many dogs need their ears cleaned. An ear cleaner for your dog will help them live more comfortably while also getting their ears rubbed by their favorite humans.

Cat gifts on a budget

Cat treats – There are hundreds of cat treats out there. However, the treat that had the best reviews for the price this year was Temptations cat treats.

Cat toy wand – Cats love to play, especially if it means getting to spend time with their owners.

Interactive food dispenser – Having a toy that your pet can play with while it also releases treats is a win-win. Your pet can have fun while also exercising and getting fed.

Gifts that cost a little more

dogs waiting for gifts on Christmas

Cat tree – These can get a little pricy and take up a lot of room, but most cats love them. Get one with a scratching post and your cats will have their very own little kingdom.

Pet bed – Pets love to sleep, especially cats. There is almost nothing your pets love more than to curl up on a comfy bed.

Cat Exercise wheel – If you have an indoor cat, they most likely do not get much exercise. These cat wheels are designed to help keep your cat in shape and entertained. Don’t let your pet miss out on a healthy and happy life.

Filtered water dispenser – Dogs love a bowl of fresh cold water. Well, this dispenser provides just that! Rather than refilling your dog’s bowl multiple times throughout the day, this dispenser will do the job for you.

There are so many Christmas gifts your pet will love out there. These are only a few favorites. More than anything, your pets will just enjoy being in your company on Christmas morning.