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Dog breeds that commonly get

Otitis is the of the ear. The condition is uncomfortable and frustrating for your dog. If untreated, can lead to vertigo or deafness along with many other serious symptoms and illnesses. Although any dog can from an, some breeds are more susceptible than others and this article will discuss the dog breeds that commonly get. There are several causes for this condition, but it all depends on the shape and size of your dog’s ear. Dogs also have a vertical ear canal meaning that it easy for dirt and moisture to build up inside. Other causes include the buildup of hair, dead skin, and an allergic reaction to food or medicine. The most common cause of dog is moisture after a bath, swimming, playing in the rain, etc.

You can tell that a dog has if he or she often scratches the ear. You can also notice the reddening of the ear canal, a bad smell or a yellowish-brown discharge. Here are some dog breeds that commonly get.

Boxer, Irish Setter, and Shih Tzu. These dogs often from allergic dermatitis. This skin condition is caused by mites and fleas in their living spaces.

Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Beagle, and Bloodhound. All these dogs have droopy ears, which increase their possibility of from an. The dogs’ long and droopy ears cover the ear canals, causing a buildup of bacteria, mites, and moisture. You will often find these breeds scratching and moving their ears from one side to another. The ears may also produce a bad smell. Make sure you watch out for in these breeds since the condition can make them very disoriented.

Chow Chow.This breed is susceptible to otitis because of its narrow ear canal. The buildup of wax and bacteria are the primary cause of in this breed. You can have your veterinary analyze the color of the discharge to determine the cause.

German shepherd and Labrador retriever. The swelling of the glandular tissue in the ears of these dog breeds causes otitis. When the glandular tissue swells, the ear canal becomes narrow. With their large ears, it is easy for dirt to get lodged into their ears.

Schnauzer and Poodle. These dog breeds have hair inside their ear canals. The dogs also have thick fur covering their body. A good hair cut is an effective way to. You should also consider using a hair drier or towel to dry them after a bath. Such practices will the buildup of hair and moisture in their ears.

As a dog owner, you should clean your dog’s ears regularly as a measure against. Consider using Liquid Health Pets’ K9 Ear Solution You only need a few minutes to clean your dog’s ear and provide them with a happier, healthy life. If your dog is already scratching his or her ears, consult your vet to determine whether K9 dog ear cleaner is the best solution for the problem.