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Dog-friendly Places to Visit

It can be hard to leave your pet at home or with a sitter when you are out running errands or going on vacation. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but if you are someone who does not want to leave your pet behind there are quite a few dog-friendly places to visit.

Local Places

Some local places will allow you to bring your pet inside. For every location, your pet must be on a leash and behaving themselves, but you are ok to bring them in.

Michaels Arts & Crafts – This craft store allows your pet inside. However, not too many people know this is allowed, so you may be the only one walking around with your pet.

Home Depot – This is a store that already has an outdoorsy feel from the inside. Leashed dogs are allowed in the large warehouses of Home Depot.

Barnes & Noble – Your pet will have to be a little extra well-behaved in these stores that are usually a little quieter than most. How fun would it be to browse through some books with your furry friend? With this store, you need to call ahead and make sure it is alright.

Places on the West Coast

dog in the sand in dog-friendly places to visit

Nate’s Point Dog Park at Balboa - Since 1996, this 2.3-acre fenced-in land has been used as a dog park. Provided with drinking fountains and picnic tables, you can spend plenty of time at this park while your dog runs free.

Lake Tahoe - Your dog will need to be on a leash, but they are allowed at Lake Tahoe in California. There is plenty of sand, sun, and shade for them to have a good time.

Santa Barbara Douglas Family Preserve - This beautiful park on the coast of Santa Barbara California is a dog-friendly place to visit. It even has places where your dog can roam off-leash. Some fun things to do here are hiking, seeing wildlife, and bicycling.

Huntington Dog Beach - This dog beach in Southern California is truly dedicated to dogs. Dogs can run free at this beach without a leash. They can dig in the sand, lie out in the sun, or hop in the ocean to cool off. Hanging out at this beach is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face while watching the dogs play in the sun. Occasionally, people even see a dog out surfing with their owners.

Places on the East Coast

Sanibel Island - There are beaches here where you can take your dog and find some of the coolest seashells. There are also plenty of dog-friendly places you can stay here. There are even places you can take your dog to eat.

Rehoboth Beach in Delaware - You can take the ferry to this beach with your dog. They even ride free! There are restrictions on what hours you can bring your dog to this beach during the summer. However, youare allowed whenever any other time of the year.

In the Mountains

dog in a car in dog-friendly places to visit

Colorado Springs - This place is full of pet-friendly hotels and hiking spots. If you are looking for some gorgeous mountain views with your furry friend, this is a great place to visit. There are dog parks in the area and even a place to eat called Pub Dog where you can bring your dog inside to eat with you.

Asheville North Carolina - This city is one of the most dog-friendly places out there. Many dog parks are available and even a river where you can paddleboard with your pet. There are restaurants with patios for your dog to eat at. There are plenty of hiking trails and even Ghost Tours for you to explore with your dog.

This is just a shortlist of the dog-friendly places to visit. There are so many other places that are becoming more pet-friendly. Try Liquid Health Pet's K9 & Kitty Calmer. It is great for calming pets that may feel stressed or overwhelmed while traveling.