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Dog Joint Supplements and Vitamins


In the typical dog population are very common and around 1/3rd or 1/4th of domestic dogs experience these problems and therefore it’s important to consider using dog joint supplements, which include dog joint vitamins. With supplements for dog joints, you shouldn’t worry much since these supplements will help to improve the health of your dog. Generally, dogs are very active and this can take a toll on their joints, hips and some connective tissues. As a result, problems associated with these body parts are very common among domestic pets. The pets’ diet and the physical exercise can also aggravate these problems. A diet with low fat content and high protein content plus suitable exercise can help reduce the severity of these issues.

Primary Ingredients in Supplements for Dog Joints

Hip and joint supplements contain components that will support the dog’s joints and the other connective tissues. One of the common ingredients in joint supplements is the glucosamine which contain amino acids and sugar. This ingredient is accountable for joint lubricantion production and shock absorption which is necessary in keeping the cartilages wholesome and to maintain optimum joint function. Supplements for dog joints producers extract the ingredient from crab, lobsters and shrimp shells.



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Some other ingredients available in supplements for dog joints include vitamin C or ascorbic acid, and manganese. The two are effective antioxidants which eliminate cost free radicals which harms your pet’s joints and some other connective tissues. You shouldn’t allow your dogs to develop complicated joints and hip issues before giving them dog joint supplements.

Dog Joint Vitamins

Dog joint vitamins will also benefit your dogs. Statistics show that around a third of all domestic dogs receive dog joint supplements. More like in humans, vitamins help a dog’s body function in a better way from the digestive system to the muscle growth. The vitamins typically maintain good dog’s health. Deficiency of particular dog joint vitamins can cause health problems which can have long term and severe effects.


Possibly, puppies will get what they can from the dog you provide them. Most dog food manufacturers use higher quality ingredients to ensure that the food contains all the essential ingredients and to ensure that they provide a good amount of what your dogs require. If dog supplements do not contain the right amount of vitamins, they can be harmful. Moreover, too much vitamins in dog joint supplements can cause problems.

There are two common types of dog joint vitamins: the fat soluble and water soluble. Excess water soluble vitamins which include vitamin B1and Vitamin C will be eliminated through urination and therefore they won’t cause any long term health issues. The fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A are stored in the liver and can cause joint discomfort and even blood vessels.

Dog Joint Supplements