Happy dog outside in snow next to a shovel and snow

Dogs Eat the Strangest Things


What wouldn't dogs eat? That's the real question. From cotton balls to upholstery, to phone chargers and crickets, dogs will eat everything they can get their paws on. I can't tell you how many times I've seen half eaten birds, shoes, carpets... I can go on and on. Well, I thought my dogs ate weird things, but the stuff these owners found my surprise you.



I know that dogs will tend to eat strange things, and I don't blame them. Strange things are delicious, but as diligent owners we got to take care of our K-9 companions. Here's a few tips that will help.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of attention and exercise. Most of these cases the dogs felt lonely and they became anxious when their owners would leave them alone. If you ever catch your dog with something bad, remember to take it away and replace it with something he can chew on. This will help him recognize the difference between good and bad, and it will also strengthen their conditioning. Remember, always provide your dog with a balanced diet and good nutrition. Liquid Health provides your dog with the absolute best in nutrition and health.


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