Cat laying in bed looking at a laptop's screen

Funniest Pet Videos

With everything going on in the world, we could all use a little laugh. Here are some of the funniest pet videos on YouTube to help you forget about the stress of the world.

This compilation from Tiger Productions has some of the cutest and most hilarious moments from pets captured by their human friends. Included are funny videos from cats, dogs, and even a few other fun pets.


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Cat Videos

Want to watch funny videos of cats specifically? Here is an almost hour-long compilation of just cats doing the most hilarious things. Cats really know how to get themselves in the stickiest situations. Lucky for us, it makes for great entertainment.


Dog Videos

This video is more likely to put a happy smile on your face rather than make you roll on the ground laughing. However, it is still worth the watch and will hopefully put you in a better mood than you were before.


Our Personal Favorite Funniest Pet Videos

In our opinion, this is the funniest out of the most recent compilations. We could not hold back the laughter while watching most of these. Good luck keeping a straight face yourself!