Three puppies playing together outside

Glucosamine For Dogs and Why It’s Important

You may have noticed your furry friend slowing down or even limping. Maybe they have stopped being as playful or can’t get up the stairs very easily anymore. Sometimes this can be due simply to aging. Hip and joint problems are extremely common with dogs, and this is where glucosamine for dogs comes in. If your pup is having joint tenderness, it may be leading to inactivity which can impact their health even more. Glucosamine for dogs could be the solution to getting your dog back on their feet and running around again.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is something that is naturally produced within your pets body. It is found most commonly as a component of healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is produced to help form and repair body tissue such as the cartilage which cushions your pet’s joints. As dogs age, their bodies produce less and less glucosamine which slows the repair process and production of cartilage. As a result, cartilage can become thin and bones rub together more and more, negatively impacting their joints, and causing inflexibility. Because of this, a glucosamine for dogs supplement could be extremely beneficial.

Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs

A glucosamine supplement can provide your dog with the glucosamine their body is failing to produce naturally. Glucosamine lubricates the joints, supporting the joints. It is also vital in the creation of new cartilage and slowing the degradation of joints due to normal wear and tear. It may also help your dog’s body in fighting and irritation occurring naturally in their joints. We can’t exactly turn back the clock, but glucosamine for dogs is one of your best bets for a healthier happier pet.

Starting Your Dog on a Glucosamine Supplement

Often times, pet parents will not see results from a glucosamine for dogs supplement until a few weeks in. It can be a good idea to start your dog on a higher dose the first few weeks they start taking it and then lower them to a normal dosage. Pet parents have reported their dogs running around and playing like they haven’t seen for months or even years sometimes. Signs that your pet might be benefitting from their glucosamine supplement might include more playfulness, willingness to climb stairs or go on walks, less stiffness, and more overall happiness.

Liquid Health Pets K9 Glucosamine

At Liquid Health, our glucosamine for dogs supplement is one of our best sellers. It comes in liquid form which makes it incredibly easy to pour over your pet’s food or even administer directly. No more hiding capsules in peanut butter! K9 Glucosamine has 1600 mg glucosamine in every along with Chondroiton and MSM, which are powerful for hip and joint problems when coupled with glucosamine.