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4 Benefits of Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs

There are many benefits of glucosamine for dogs. Their ability to aid the joints in your dog's hips and needs along with their easy to use capability allows them to be one of the best supplements for them. If you think that your dog might need a supplement of glucosamine, continue reading to learn more about what it is and how it can benefit your dog.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural compound in the body that is found in cartilage. As dogs get older there is a greater chance that they might end up needing a supplement. This is because their body cannot produce enough on its own and needs help getting back on track.

How can Glucosamine Supplements benefit your dog?

Nearly 25% of all dogs will develop some form of a joint issue over their lifetime. That is why many pet owners choose to get their pup a joint glucosamine supplement to help keep them healthy and active, often as a preventative measure. Here are some ways that glucosamine can benefit your dog.

Supports Healthy Joints

As they get older, dogs are more likely to experience joint pain. Joint pain most commonly occurs as a result of the destruction of cartilage. This causes pain and can restrict your dog's ability to move. The most common places that dogs get this joint pain are the joints of the hip and knee. Glucosamine can support new cartilage growth and help keep their joints healthy.

Accelerate Joint Recovery

Dogs need to be making new cartilage and joint cushion in order to recover from normal wear and tear. Glucosamine helps block the deterioration of collagens. That way your dog can get back to living a normal life within a shorter amount of time.

Can Help Prevent Joint Inflammation

Mayo Clinic defines joint inflammation as discomfort or pain arising from any part of a joint. This can include cartilage, bone, tendons, muscles, or ligaments. This can be very painful for dogs who are on their legs for most of their day. This inflammation is more common in elderly dogs and can cause stiffness and discomfort. That is why many pet owners choose to use a glucosamine supplement before any issues arise as a preemptive measure.

Help Restore Mobility

As previously mentioned, elderly dogs have a greater risk of having a joint issue. Glucosamine can help restore joint health and allow your dog to run around and play and make them happier.


If you think that your dog might need a glucosamine supplement, it is important to always consult your vet before doing so. Here at Liquid Health Pets, we have many glucosamine supplements such as our K9 Glucosamine, K9 Vegetarian Glucosamine, Lvl 5000 for larger dogs, and our Small Dog Joint Formula for dogs under 20 lbs. If you are looking to pick up any of these products for yourself you can find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our pet products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.