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Glucosamine Supplements for Cats

Like most people, we know you love and cherish your furry friends and want the best for their health and happiness. However, they may start to slow down as they age. Your furry friend may gradually stop being playful or may find it challenging to move from one room to another. Fortunately, you can use glucosamine to help improve your cat’s mobility and boost their overall health. Whether you have an aging feline friend or a young kitten you just want to have the best health possible, glucosamine supplements for cats are a great addition to their diet.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino derivative found in both animals and plants. It is primarily found in tissue and cartilage around the joints and is an important building block and support to overall hip and joint health. Glucosamine strengthens and protects the cartilage that surrounds the joints and helps in the production and maintenance of new cartilage. There are two ways to administer glucosamine: orally and intravenously (by injection). Injection provides the most concentrated dose making it the best option in severe cases of, but an oral glucosamine supplement is an easy preventative measure for many common issues. Liquid glucosamine is the best alternative to injection since you can easily add it to your cat’s food.

Common Problems Cats may encounter with their Joints

Your cat can encounter one of the following problems depending on the type and severity of its joint disorder.

  • Your pet may from stiffness in their hind legs. The rigidity becomes worse after laying down for some time or try to climb on something. Stiffness is a result of reduced circulation.
  • Swollen Joints. If your cat has joints that rub together, they are likely to from swelling. The swelling can build up if your cat becomes active.
  • Your cat may get weak due to joints. This condition may become worse as the progresses.

Benefits and Side Effects of Glucosamine Supplements for Cats

glucosamine supplements for cats

Restoring and maintaining healthy cartilage in cats is one of the most significant benefit of glucosamine supplements for cats. Nevertheless, the supplement comes with other advantages. Always consult your vet when introducing a supplement into your pets diet. Your vet may recommend a mixture of medication and a regular dose of glucosamine if there are serious, or they may just recommend dosages of glucosamine supplements.

There are very few side effects of glucosamine supplements for cats. In some instances, your cat may experience diarrhea or vomiting for the first few days. However, these symptoms often subside as the cat continues with its diet. Some cats may respond to the treatment better than others and may show results sooner and more obviously than others.


Selecting a Glucosamine Supplement For Cats

Since there are several joint supplements available, make sure you only purchase your supplement from reputable manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, consulting with your vet is always a good idea before introducing a new supplement into your cats diet. Liquid Health Joint Purr-Fection Glucosamine is the leading cat joint supplement, and it is available in liquid form.