Dog wearing sunglasses and a fake human nose

Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the time to start planning costumes and getting things ready for the holiday. Maybe you have your costume picked out, but what about your pet? Do not worry, we took the time to find some of the best Halloween costumes for dogs for you.

Cute Costumes

These costumes are some of the cutest around. Your pet will most likely get a lot of attention in these outfits. Stuffed Toy Costume Check out this super cute and super simple costume. You can easily throw this costume together in an hour or two. Loofah Whoever thought a shower loofah could be so cute?


Taco Dog I'll take three of these tacos! Too cute!

Funny Costumes

Dog Dressed as a Horse Just be sure to remind people not to actually sit on your dog. Walrus Your dog will be sure to get a laugh walking around in this walrus costume. Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf This costume could even work with you or someone else dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and your dog as the wolf dressed as the grandma. Mop For those pups that always need a haircut.

Scary Costumes

Three-Headed Dog This costume will be sure to throw someone off. The Headless Horseman A classic Halloween story come to life! Ghost Dog Such a simple and timeless scary costume. Hopefully, you were able to get some great ideas for Halloween costumes for your dog. With the changing seasons, don't forget to check out our article, Fall Pet Care, for tips on how to keep your pet as healthy as they can be.