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Horse Joint Supplements: All you need to know

Horse Joint SupplementsDid you know that horses, irrespective of age or workload, undergo strain in their joints that causes them discomfort and might ultimately render them immobile? Horse joint supplements are specifically designed to provide joint support as well as multifaceted joint health management.

When is the best time to start using Horse Joint Supplements?

Horses of all ages are either used for recreation, training and competition, or for more practical work. Weight from their body mass plus the load they carry, cause a considerable amount of strain on the animal’s bones and joints. If not carefully monitored, this strain may cause on the joints. To curb this, the joint supplements are essential; therefore, it would be sound to start your horse on supplements as soon as possible rather than wait for an accident to occur.

What are the best criteria to evaluate the supplements?

For a fact, horse joint supplements work. However, you would need to pay close attention to the ingredients of the supplement depending on the needs of your horse. Horses respond differently to supplements with regard to their age, requirements and dosage.

It might be quite challenging to pick the correct supplement for your horse but given certain considerations, you just might land what you are looking for.

1. Company name- always ensure that you go for a product from a well-known company.
2. Clinically certified- the brand you decide to pick should have been tested and approved for its use.
3. List of contents- packaging information should clearly outline ingredients in the supplement.
4. Dose instructions- administration directions should be clear with regard to weight and age.
5. Customer support- manufacturing company information should be provided for customer support.

These five considerations go a long way in ensuring good husbandry and management.

What benefits should be anticipated for using joint supplements?

The effectiveness of horse joint supplements remains debatable. Nonetheless, the use of these supplements is without a doubt very beneficial to both the horse and the owner.

To the horse:

The cartilage is the main shock-absorbing component of a joint, coating either ends of a bone. It has neither blood nor nerve supply consequently limiting its ability to repair naturally. Joint supplements allow molecular movement through the cartilage improving its repair ability. This in turn protects the bones from while slowing down the rate of cartilage wear and tear.

Horse aging may reduce tissue formation resulting to stiffness, bouts of immobility. The benefits of opting to use joint supplements is that they aid the body in maintaining and creating new cartilage and lubricating the joints.

Supplements also enhance proper nutrient delivery and general health and maintenance of connective tissues, hooves and hair as well as joint lubrication. With this there is minimal timeout due to diseases or infections owing to injury.

To owner:

Generally, the owner is saved a whole lot of frustrations from a racing career ended prematurely, to the expenses saved on trying to reverse the that would have otherwise been done. The list is endless. But the bottom line is, a healthy horse will keep the owner smiling.