Two brown horses next to a black horse on a field

Horse Vitamins - What They Are and Why Use Them?


Horses are noble creatures and in order to keep them well-nourished you will want to not only give them food but also supplement their diet with the micronutrients they might be missing in their regular diets. Various horse vitamins and horse supplements can be added to a horse’s diet and an equine supplement will improve their overall health and performance.

Evaluating For Supplementation

Before you know which horse supplements you should introduce into your horse’s diet, you will need to perform certain tests and evaluations to find out what they are missing. While looking at the horse alone can tell an expert if they are deficient in certain, this will not always be sufficient as other factors can influence the physical appearance and performance of a horse.



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In order to really get to the bottom of what your horse’s diet may be lacking, you will want to perform tests such as blood or hair analysis, which will show you exactly what your horse’s diet needs. Experts perform these tests and they are the first step to understanding what type of equine supplements you will want to start giving your horse.

Possible Supplements

Like humans, there may be a whole number of chemical compounds your horse is not getting enough of through normal diet. Some of the more common horse’s diet may be lacking include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Selenium and Calcium, but basically any vitamin and mineral could be lacking in your horses diet. The extensive analysis of your horse can tell you exactly what horse supplements your horse may be needing and adding these exact horse minerals or horse vitamins to their diet through equine supplements will improve their performance and generally make them happier and healthier animals.

Once you know which supplements your horse may need, you will need to find the right way to introduce them to your horse. Supplements are usually added into the grain mix as this will be the best way for your horse to process, when he eats them with food. The equine supplements come in various forms including pills, capsules and liquids.

Liquid Horse Supplements

Same as human dietary supplements, the horse supplements come in various forms including powders, capsules and liquids. While either form can work, if you are looking for optimal results with horse vitamins, the liquid form will usually perform the best. The reason for this is that liquid equine supplements will have the easiest time being absorbed by your horses system. While powders and capsules have to go through the digestive system of the animal, liquid supplements will be absorbed by the tissues in your horse’s mouth and throat already, leading to faster absorption as well as less of the substance being lost in transportation.


Supplementing your horse’s diet with proper horse vitamins and other supplements can be a crucial part in making your horse a champion as well as keeping it healthy in general. The supplements will help keep your horse’s body more powered and using the liquid supplements is the way to go as they will have the maximum absorption compared to other types of equine supplements. If you want to keep your horse healthy and happy, you should probably start thinking about which liquid supplements your horse needs.