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How to Calm an Anxious Dog, Dog Stress and Dog Calming

It’s important to know how to calm an anxious dog. Here is why. Dog stress is as common as the stress we humans experience, only that dogs cannot verbally express how they are feeling. This calls for the need to know how to calm an anxious dog and a few simple dog calming methods. As a dog owner, it can be a bit hard to know what to do when your dog is either very jumpy, constantly whines, barks a lot or simply withdraws. All these are signs of dog stress and there are ways you can deal with these signs accordingly to bring back peace into your home.


Just like a human being, your dog would be deeply soothed when they experience the safety of being in your arms. Try covering your dog with a blanket then hold your dog while gently petting your dog’s head. Just like you would deal with a crying baby, cuddling is a great dog calming method that restores your dog’s confidence and calm demeanor.

Take Your Dog Outside.

We all know how exercise has a way of wearing you out so you can peacefully sleep. When you take your dog out for a walk or to play, they get to work out their dog stress, leaving them with little energy to keep up their anxious behavior. A tired dog is always a good dog. Ensure that by the time you get back your dog is well exhausted so he can immediately sleep. Dog walking and playing is also a great way to bond with your dog, so if your dog was being anxious because it is not used to its surroundings, your dog would calm down and get used to its new owner or environment.


Another sign of dog stress is when your dog chews on property or deliberately tries to tear things up. If you are looking for ways on how to calm an anxious dog, then giving your dog toys that they can chew on is a great way to redirect this destructive energy. Ensure that your dog has a toy in its vicinity then allow it to play, chew and tear until it works up its energy and eventually calms down. Investing in toys is much cheaper than having to constantly replace destroyed property!

Be Calm

When you become anxious yourself, dogs will off your energy and become anxious themselves. Step back, take a deep breath and soothe your own fears before you try to calm your dog. Getting near your dog when you are irritable or snappy tends to elevate your dogs' stress levels, making them even more anxious and less likely to calm down. Basically, you need to be calm first so you can deal with any form of dog calming methods you might know of.

Give Your Dog Some Time Alone

As mentioned earlier, a dog is very similar to a human being. Sometimes your dog just needs some time out away from everything so that your dog can quietly rest and forget the source of your dog stress. You could give your dog a biscuit then lead your dog to the place where your dog sleeps so that your dog can be alone for some time. Try to make your dog understand that it is not a punishment. Be gentle but firm with your dog. By the time your dog comes out, the stress will have subsided.

Visit the Vet

When the other dog calming methods yield no positive results, it could be time to visit the vet. This is because there could be some other source of dog stress that you simply cannot see. For instance, your dog may have injured himself, making it hard to exercise thus tending to stay in isolation. Instead of aggravating the problem, be kind enough to take your dog to a vet for proper solution.

A Stress Free Dog

Dogs are without a doubt an important part of our lives. They are empathetic and mostly friendly but they are also susceptible to stress. Knowing how to calm an anxious dog is the best thing we can do to soothe these best friends who cannot talk to say what is ailing them. Sometimes the dog needs to be calmed physically, while other times call for the need to physically remove the dog from the stressful environment. Whatever the case, dog stress is not rocket science and with these helpful tips up your sleeve, you can easily practice some dig calming techniques for a more peaceful existence.

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