Cat looking at the camera meowing

How to Care for Your Pet's Teeth

For healthy teeth, humans are told to brush and floss them every day. However, when it comes to pets, many people do not give their teeth much care. Dental disease is a common problem for both cats and dogs and owners need to take care of them. When pets face dental disease, they may deal with things like swollen and bleeding gums and may even have trouble eating due to loose teeth. Luckily, there are ways to help. Here is how to care for your pet’s teeth.

Brush Their Teeth

Both cats and dogs should have their teeth brushed regularly. Even every day, if possible. While it is easier to start brushing their teeth when they are young, it is possible to teach them to get used to brushing. The most important thing to remember is to not use human toothpaste. The chemicals in human toothpaste can cause very serious problems for your pet if they happen to swallow any. There are kinds of toothpaste available that are designed for dogs and cats specifically. There are even toothbrushes designed specifically for them as well.

Toys to Help Clean Teeth

A smiling dog with healthy teeth

While brushing your pet’s teeth is the most important thing you can do for their dental health, there are also toys available to assist. In the wild, animals chew on bones and plants to help clean their teeth. Pets, however, need your help. Be sure to also keep in mind that cats are all very different from one another. A toy that one cat cannot live without, another may hate. Here are some great toys that help clean your cat’s teeth:

There are also toys available for dogs to chew on to help aid in their dental health. The most common thing for people to give their dogs is bones. There is hardly a dog out there that will not enjoy chewing on a bone. Some other toys that may help include:

While learning how to care for your pet’s teeth can be a lot of work, it is so important for their health. Brush your pet’s teeth every day and provide toys when it is difficult to brush them thoroughly. Giving your pet dental toys could even help if this is a common problem. Read our article, “Dogs from Chewing on Your Things”, for more information.