Cat sleeping calmly in a bed

How to Keep Indoor Cats Happy and Healthy

Many people have indoor cats. Maybe you are worried about their safety outdoors or you just do not want to worry about letting them in and out all day. However, cats that are indoors all day can become lonely and unhealthy. Learn how to keep indoor cats happy and healthy with these helpful tips.

Play with your Pet Often

One of the most important things indoor cats need is exercise. Playing with your pet every day can help keep them in shape and happy. String and laser pointers are some favorite toys that encourage cats to run around and exercise.

Keep Things Clean

Cats can be picky when it comes to cleanliness. Make sure to clean out their litter boxes regularly. On top of that, be sure to keep your own home clean since it is their home too. Because cats rely so heavily on their sense of smell, it is also important to avoid scented cat litter.

Give Them a Safe Space

Cats in the wild hide at the sign of danger. This is part of their instinct. Make sure your home has a place where your cat can hide when they feel uncomfortable. Having space for this will help them to feel safer in your home. On top of this, it is also important to not force any interactions with your cat. Let them approach you when they feel comfortable. Positive interactions with you over time will help form a bond with your cat. Liquid Health Pet’s K9 & Kitty Calmer is a great way to help calm anxious cats as well. This supplement for pets is great for helping them adjust to a new home, new pets, traveling, or even having company over.

Indoor Grass for Grazing

Outdoor cats will graze on grass and other plants due to a distinctive behavior that has been passed down to them. Indoor cats have this same instinct. Buying them a patch of grass from a pet store will help satisfy this instinct. It may even keep them away from your indoor plants. Letting them graze on grass is not vital to their health, but it will help keep your pet happy.

As the number of indoor cats increases, people must know how to care for them. When locked indoors, cats can easily become bored, unhappy, and unhealthy. Learning how to keep indoor cats happy and healthy will improve the quality of life for your cat.