Happy dog laying on a piece of wood in the forest

How to Keep Your Dog's Fur Shiny

A dog’s fur is one of the first things you notice about them. They are covered in it! However, a lot of people fail to take proper care of their pet’s fur. Without proper care, a dog’s fur can become dry and brittle. Sometimes even greasy, tangled, and matted. Learn how to keep your dog’s fur shiny and healthy and make the changes you need to today.

Brush fur regularly

One of the easiest things you can do is simply brush your dog’s fur regularly. Brushing their fur can help get rid of dry and dead skin and fur. Not only that, but it also helps stimulate the blood flow. This helps them grow new healthy fur.


Omega-3 is one of the best for your dog’s fur. It is found in salmon and tuna that you can your dog. It can also be found in pet supplements if your dog tuna and salmon is not in your budget. Just be sure to find supplements that are safe for your dog and do not them more than recommended. Too much omega-3 can upset a dog’s stomach. Not only does omega-3 help improve your dog’s coat, but it can also help with other things as well. Omega-3 has been known to help support a dog’s heart, joints, and immune system.

Bathe regularly

Dogs need to be bathed anywhere from once a week to once a month. It all depends on the dog breed and how dirty they get outdoors. Once a month, however, should be the bare minimum. Bathing your dogs any less than once a month can result in greasy fur. For more information and tips on bathing your dog, read our article, “Dog Bathing 101”.

Proper Diet

A huge part of your dog’s healthy skin and fur starts on the inside. Not all brands of dog food will give your dog the proper they need. Invest in dog food that is better for your dog. Many people even make their own dog food. Homemade dog food is not the most convenient option, but it is the best way to know exactly what is going into your dog’s body. If your dog is still struggling to get the proper they need, natural supplements are available to your pet. Liquid Health Pet’s has many natural options available for dogs. It can even be mixed in with their food for easier consumption.