Owner playing with his dog in the park

Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

Teaching you dog tricks can be fun for everyone involved. They are also a great way to show off the intelligence of your dog. However, most new pet owners don't know what to do. There is no need to worry because here at Liquid Health Pets we've compiled the basics of teaching your dog tricks. Continue reading to learn more about how to teach a dog tricks.

How To Teach a Dog Tricks

Choosing where to Practice

When you want to start to teach your dog some new tricks, there are some things that you need to know. The first thing you need to know is where to teach them. It is important to find a good spot that minimizes the number of distractions. Another thing to note when choosing a spot to teach them new tricks is to keep in mind what trick you are teaching. If you are trying to get them to sit, your living room will be fine. However, if you are trying to get them to fetch a ball, you might want to consider heading outside.

Basics of Teaching Tricks


Dogs don't always understand what we say. However, there are ways to communicate with your dog to get him to do what you want. You can associate words with the actions that they are doing and over time, they will learn what those words mean.


Getting your dog his favorite treat can prove to help them learn their new trick. You can use pieces of their kibble or some dog treats to help motivate them. If you have some to spare, little bits of cooked chicken or deli meats can be an even greater reward.


When it comes to the length of these lessons you need to remember to keep them short. You should aim to have your dog practice the tricks for around 15 minutes each day. One thing that you can do that can also be beneficial is to break this 15 minutes up into 3, 5-minute sessions.

Applaud Them

When your dog succeeds at the trick they are learning it is important to make sure they know that they did it right. Whether it is letting them know that they are a good boy, or giving them lots of belly rubs, it is important to make sure your pet knows he did it right.

Even if they did not complete the trick, or did it the wrong way, you still need to stay positive and never use physical correction or yell at your dog.

Simple Tricks To Get Started


Sitting should be one of the first tricks that you teach your dog. That is because it is one of the ones that is used the most and is simple to teach. All you have to do is hold a treat in your hand in front of his nose and guide him upwards. This will cause your dog to lower his back to the ground and cause him to sit. After he has sat down say what cue you want to use such as "sit" and give him a treat.

Come Over

This one is simple to accomplish but can require some help. Have someone help you hold your dog at one end of the room while you head over to the other side. Call your dog by using a cue such as "come". When he does come over reward him with treats and praise. Remember to keep practicing so that your dog has it down.


Now that your dog can sit and come to you, you can teach him how to stay. To do this you need to get him in the sit position. Then hold out your hand with your palm forward and say stay. Then you can slowly walk backward away from your dog. If he gets up you need to walk back and start over. If he stays for even a few feet away, you can give him the treat to let him know he is doing good. When you are far enough away you can use the come command to get him to come to you.


Teaching your dog new tricks can prove to be a very good bonding experience for both of you. It also allows your pet to show off a bit. There are more advanced tricks out there, but these are some of the simpler ones.

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