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Keeping Pets Calm During Summer Storms

Summer storms often come with brilliant flashing lights and loud booming sounds. Sometimes the storms can even shake the whole building. Like most people, pets can also experience anxiety over the bright lights and loud noises. Sometimes, being in the same room with our pets can minimize their fear. However, some animals are deeply shaken by summer storms, and you can find them panting and shaking under the table or in the corner of your room. If this scenario is familiar, here are some tips for keeping pets calm during summer storms.

Provide a Storm Shelter

keeping pets calm during summer storms
While most cats will often seek out their own safe haven, most storm-phobic dogs will appreciate being provided with a sort of bunker. A crate-trained dog will always find the crate as the most reliable and comfortable place. Make sure that the container or bunker stays open and add an extra blanket or your pet’s favorite toy to make the area more comfortable. You may even want to drape a blanket over the top to block out vision to lightning flashes.

If you cannot provide a crate, find a spot in your house where you can put a bed and let your dog or cat hide for a bit. Make a fort or hang out with them somewhere with minimal to no windows (e.g. a bathroom or closet). Make sure you provide safe spaces and then let your pet choose their hiding spot as being confined can scare them even more. Having such a place will go a long in keeping pets calm during summer storms.

Stay Calm

Pets tend to copy our emotions. If you stay calm during a storm, they are likely to remain calm too. Make it a habit of treating a storm like it is not a big issue. Cuddling or swaddling pets can be effective but may be habit forming. If you always cuddle your pet during a summer storm, he or she may pick that as strange occurrence and become more anxious or always expect it. Snug shirts or sweaters for pets can apply gentle pressure while also allowing you to have independence from your pet. Give them the attention they need, but act normally and continue with whatever you are doing. Always convey a calm and confident mood.

See a Professional

If you feel like you have tried every trick on keeping pets calm during a summer storm, consider contacting your veterinary. A vet or an animal behaviorist will always have advice for your case or recommend medication. Sometimes your professional may also suggest that you combine medicine with behavior modification. A professional will help your pet to stay calm during both the acute episodes and over the long-term.

K9 and Kitty Calmer

These days, supplements offer a solution to almost any psychological or health-related problem. Liquid Health K9 and kitty calmer is your best solution for keeping pets calm during summer storms. The supplements contain ingredients that calm pets when they feel lonely or anxious. For instance, the supplement contains Valerian root extract that regulates the nerve cells, causing a calming effect. Valerenic acid and valerenol, calm the nervous system. The supplement also contains chamomile, which is well-known natural remedy that aids in relaxation and an overall calm feeling. All you need to do is to mix K9 and kitty calmer with your pet’s food or administer it orally.

With the stormy summer weather, it is crucial that you do not forget about your animal friend. Remember that most animals can become destructive when they are scared. Make sure that they have a safe place they can go to when the weather turns stormy.