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The Most Common Dog Health Issues

Dog Health IssuesAll dog owners like to see their pets happy and healthy. To keep your dog healthy, you will need to be aware of any dog health issues that may arise. As your dog gets older, they may be susceptible to certain ailments or conditions. We don’t always notice subtle changes in the dog’s behavior or physical movements, but in order to keep your dog as healthy as possible, you should be aware of these changes.
Some dog breeds may have several health issues that they have to deal with, while others may not have many at all. Older dogs tend to have more issues than younger puppies.

With that said, there are three dog health issues that seem to affect most dogs, no matter the breed. Let’s take a look at these health issues, and examine the symptoms of each ailment.

One of the most common dog health issues is. Giving your dogs those treats throughout the day may seem innocent, but this may lead to weight gain. Over time, your dog may become obese. An obese dog may develop other health related issues, such as; diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory disease and cancer, just to name a few. A quick check to see if your dog is overweight is pretty easy. Feel your dog’s sides, behind their shoulder. If you cannot feel their ribs and you feel some padding, they are overweight. This should be your clue to reduce their caloric intake and get more exercise.

are a common dog health issue. Long eared dog breeds with excessive hair and non-erect outer ears are more vulnerable to this issue. There are a number of different reasons dogs develop. Some of the most common are parasites, allergies, and excess moisture in the ear.

Here are a few signs of ear issues in dogs:
· Scratching of the head or ear
· Redness in the ear canal
· Shaking the head or tilting it to one side
· A foul odor

is dog health issue that targets middle aged to older canines. This is a condition that will definitely affect their quality of life, as is a source of recurring. If you notice that your dog has difficulty with normal activities, such as running or jumping, this may be a sign that the dog may be from more than just fatigue. Diet and exercise can minimize the discomfort your dog may feel, because you are actually lightening the load on the joints.

There are a number of dog health issues, but because dogs cannot tell us what is wrong, we have to be aware of changes of the dog’s behavior or routine. Taking your dog for a checkup every six-months will also help to diagnose any problems or potential issues.

Bottom line: Being proactive by giving them plenty of exercise and vitamins will help with the dog’s overall well being, allowing them to live a longer and healthier life. It will also save you money in the long run, and that is not a bad thing either!