Curly white dog laying in the grass

Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

There are currently 190 registered dog breeds in the United States and 360 in the world. With so many breeds, it is no surprise that there are breeds out there that we never knew existed. Unless, of course, you are a dog expert. Here are just some of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Have you ever seen one of these dogs?


In the 1900s, a man wanted to breed a new dog for sledding. He wanted a dog that was fast, but also strong enough to pull a sled. He was able to successfully breed a dog and named that dog Chinook. The breed later was named after that dog. The dog is known to be calm, friendly, and obedient. It is even especially great with children.

Chinook dog


This is one of the most bizarre-looking dogs out there. The Bergamasco closely resembles a mop. These massive shepherd dogs have fur that consists of three different textures. The result is a thick, woven coat that has a felt-like texture.

Bergamasco dog


This dog breed has been around since medieval times. This dog is called the Otterhound because it was once used to hunt for otters. Hunting for otters is now illegal, but Otterhounds still have their unique features for hunting. These featured include webbed feet for swimming, a thick, waterproof coat, and a strong sense of smell.

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz is one of the most talkative dogs out there. That is what they are bred for. They are a medium-size dog with a bushy tail, a red-colored coat, and foxlike ears. While they can be great pets, they must get enough daily exercise and be properly trained when it is ok to bark. They can be a great fit for families with high-energy kids.

a Finnish Spitz dog

Bedlington Terrier

This is another strange-looking dog breed. The Bedlington Terrier closely resembles a lamb or a poodle. It is a pretty small dog with a white, curly wool coat. They make great pets and love to be the center of attention in their families. They are also nice since they do not shed like many other breeds.

Bedlington Terrier

Norwegian Lundehund

These dogs were originally bred on a rocky island off the Norwegian coast called Vaeroy. The people on the island used them to hunt puffins, which they used for food. The Norwegian Lundehund was bred to be flexible to accomplish this. Puffins are now illegal to hunt since they are protected. Nowadays, the breed makes a great family pet.

Norwegian Lundehund

These rarest dog breeds in the world have breeders making sure these dogs continue to exist. You can also adopt a rare breed yourself. When bringing a new dog home, be sure you are ready to care for them. Read our article, “Dog Proofing Your Home”, to help you get ready for welcoming a fun new dog into your family. Many dogs may also feel nervous about a new environment. Liquid Health Pet’s K9 & Kitty Calmer may help your pet cope with feelings of nervousness.