Puppy pug with his face on the ground

Reasons Your Pet May Not Be Eating

Most people love their pets and when they stop eating, it can be worrisome. There are a lot of reasons why cats and dogs may not be eating. Some issues may resolve on their own, while others need the help of a veterinarian. Here are some reasons why your pet may not be eating and what you can do.

They are Picky

One of the most commons reasons either a cat or a dog may not be eating their food is that they just do not like it. Sometimes when owners buy a new brand of food for their pets, they have a hard time adjusting. It may not even be food. Some ways to resolve this are to switch back to their old food, add something they like to the new food to encourage them to eat it or try another brand of food. Sometimes pets do not like where their food dish is at. Many pets need to eat their food in peace, so keeping their dish away from high-energy people and pets can help.

Changes to Their Environment

Some pets do not handle change very well. The situation can be stressful for them and cause them to lose their appetite. If you and your pet have recently moved or traveled someplace new, this could most likely be the reason your pet is not eating. Give them time to adjust. Some pets even avoid eating while you are out of town and have left them with a pet sitter. If your pet still does not eat after a few days have passed, call their vet.

Reaction from Medication or Vaccination

Sometimes pets have weird reactions from a new medication or vaccination. These side effects should only last 24 hours. Consult your vet.

Dental Concerns

If your pet still will not eat, they may have dental problems. One sign your pet may have dental problems is if they look like they want to eat but will not. They could also be drooling at the mouth when near food or scratching their mouths. To figure out what is wrong, take them to their vet.

Issues from Illness

If none of the options already mentioned seem likely, you should take your pet to the vet. The problem could be more serious. To learn more about illness in dogs, read the article, "Common Symptoms of Illness in Dogs". Overall, there are a lot of reasons your pet may not be eating. It is important to pay attention to why they are not eating and contact your vet when needed.