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Should I give my dog a daily Multivitamin?

Most people take multivitamins, and they are likely to give them to their pets too. Multivitamins help in boosting essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Since you are probably concerned about your dog’s health, you might wonder, “should I give my dog a daily multivitamin?” People give multivitamins to their dogs to counteract or slow certain health issues that come as dogs age. Others only wish to supplement their dog’s diet. So how do you determine whether you should give your dog a daily multivitamin? Consider the following reasons.
  1. Senior Dogs. A senior dog is older than seven years for large breeds and older than ten years for small breeds. With age, most dogs receive less of the nutritional support they need from their food. You can consider adding a daily multivitamin supplement to their diet to provide your pup with extra nutritional support.
  2. Homemade and Raw Diet.Many pet owners go above the norm of their pets dried food. Homemade and raw diets are in for many pet owners. However, it can be difficult to make sure your dog is getting all the vitamins they need for the best health. Additionally, if your dog avoids vegetable and fruits he or she may have inadequate vitamins and minerals. As a result, most dog owners may turn to multivitamins to satisfy the nutritional needs of their pets.
  3. Disease or Deficiency. If your pup is sick, he or she may avoid some foods or forego the entire meal. As such, a vet may diagnose your dog with a vitamin or mineral deficiency and may recommend a specific supplement to help in compensating for the shortfall.
  4. Aging. As your dog ages, his or her muscle joints experience wear and tear. It is common for dogs to stop producing enough of the compounds that support muscle and cartilage growth. As a result, most dogs would benefit from a multivitamin to supplement those missing so their bodies can continue to function properly.
If your dog experiences any of the above scenarios, it is vital to give your pup a daily multivitamin. Fortunately, multivitamins are more affordable and available compared to other supplements. Make sure you purchase your multivitamin from a reliable manufacturer. Consider visiting our products page and read more about FidoNutrients, which is among the best liquid dog vitamins. Even though multivitamins can help your dog, too much of anything can be harmful. If you give your dog excess water-soluble vitamins, the body eliminates them through urine. However, excess fat-soluble vitamins, such as calcium can lead to serious health issues. The body stores the extra fat-soluble vitamins in the fatty tissue and liver. A buildup of one vitamin can affect the uptake of another, leading to health complications. As always, consult with your vet when starting your dog on a new product. The best way to give your pup multivitamins is to be educated and cautious. Follow your vet’s advice and read the manufacturer’s directions of use. Just as you would take care of yourself or family, do the same to your dog. In conclusion, if you are asking yourself, “should I give my dog a daily multivitamin?” The answer is probably yes.