Dog swimming in a pool during a sunny day

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Summer is here! The weather has started to warm up and people are getting outside in the sun. Just like with humans, it is important to aware of the health risks when the weather starts to heat up. Since dogs are unable to let us know when something is wrong, you need to learn how to keep your dog safe and healthy. Here are some summer safety tips for dogs.

Protect paws from hot surfaces

When most humans are outside in the hot sun, they have shoes to help protect their feet from the blazing hot temperatures of the ground. Surfaces like cement sidewalks, brick, and blacktops heat up to almost 150 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas. Temperatures as hot as 100 degrees Fahrenheit can feel for dogs. Anything too hot can even lead to burns and blisters, causing permanent. To help protect their feet, there are many options. One solution is to dress your dog in shoes made for protecting their feet against the heat.

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Clean ears whenever they get wet

Warm, summer weather welcomes a lot of outdoor activities, including swimming. Many dogs love taking a dip in the water every summer to cool off. However, it is important to clean your dog’s ears whenever they have been in the water. This also includes bathing them. When the dog’s ears are not properly dried and cleaned after getting wet, it can lead to ear problems. Ear problems are one of the most common reasons dogs need to be taken into the vet. This is because many dog owners do not know how to properly clean their dog’s ears. After your dog has been in the water, dry their ears thoroughly and gently rub them with an ear cleaner to make sure no dirt or debris has been left behind.

Do not leave them in vehicles

Not only are the sidewalks heating up in the summer, but vehicles are too. One of the most dangerous things you can do to your pet is to leave them in your vehicle with no AC turned on. Most places even have laws against this now. What a lot of people do not realize is that cars heat up quickly and can become almost twice as hot as the temperature outside. Leaving your dog in a car on a hot summer day can lead to heatstroke and even death.

Take care of fleas on your pet

In certain areas, warm weather means the arrival of one pesky bug: fleas. Fleas live on the surface of a dog’s skin. They are irritating for dogs and lead to itching, redness, and when they bite. There are medications available to help kill fleas. Just be sure to use one specifically for dogs and use it only on your dog. Using a dog flea medication on cats can cause serious health problems, even if they just rub against your dog. A colloidal silver spray can also help clear up irritation once the fleas have been treated.

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Bring water on walks

One of the most important summer safety tips for dogs is to keep them hydrated. When going for a walk or on a hike, many people are quick to remember to grab a bottle of water for themselves. However, many people might not consider the hydration of their dogs. Grab an extra bottle or two for your dog and maybe even a pop-up bowl.