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Thanksgiving Food Your Pet Can and Can't Eat

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This holiday is meant for spending time with friends and family and focusing on the things you are grateful for. Your guest list for Thanksgiving may even include furry friends. It is important to know what Thanksgiving food your pet can and can't eat for their safety.


Dogs are more likely to be fed food at Thanksgiving than cats, whether intentionally or not. They may be fed by you, your family, or by the kids who no doubt will spill something. However, it is important to know what Thanksgiving food is and is not safe for your pup.

Turkey – Turkey will probably be the food your dog has been smelling all day and wants more than anything. Good news – it’s safe for them to eat! Just make sure you do not give them the turkey skin, bones or parts that are too fatty like the wings and dark meat. Too much fat from meat can cause kidney failure, liver, and most commonly, pancreatitis.

Green Beans – Many people include some type of cooked greens beans to their Thanksgiving dinner. Before you cook them, grab a few raw green beans and them to your dog. Just make sure you do NOT include any mushrooms or onions. These can be toxic to dogs.

Sweet Potatoes – This food is healthy for pets and rumor has it that dogs love it. Be sure to them plain sweet potatoes. Do not add any sugar, spices, or even marshmallows.

Pumpkin – This signature fall food is also a tasty treat for dogs. Fresh pumpkin is perfectly ok for dogs to eat if there is nothing else added to them. Do not your dog canned pumpkin either.

Apples – Just like pumpkins, your dog fresh, unseasoned apple is a great treat!

Cranberry Sauce – It is best to avoid this to your dog. Small quantities are safe for dogs. However, large amounts of cranberry sauce may give your dog an upset stomach. Also, check that there are no grapes or currants mixed into the sauce. These are extremely toxic to dogs and could harm them.


Knowing what Thanksgiving food your pet can and can't eat can come in handy to keep cats safe as well. While they are like dogs, some types of food affect them differently. Do not rely on what you know is safe for your dog when your cat.

Turkey – Just like dogs, cats can also have turkey. Before giving it to them, make sure all the skin and bones are removed. Avoid fatty pieces like the wings and dark meat of the turkey as well. Too much fat can have negative effects on a cat’s health since they cannot properly digest it. Try to also avoid them gravy since it contains too much fat and salt.

Mashed potatoes – Unless nothing is added to them, this food should be avoided. Many people add seasons like garlic, onions, and cream that can be extremely dangerous for cats. Read our article, “Things Your Cat Should Not Eat”, to learn more.

Stuffing – Do NOT your cats stuffing. This dish is usually loaded with garlic and onions, which, once again, are toxic for cats.

Green Beans – Just like dogs, plain green beans are not a problem. Just avoid them green beans casserole that usually contains onions. Most likely your cat will not crave green beans anyway.

Cranberry Sauce – Most cats do not like cranberry sauce. However, if they happen to eat some do not worry. It is not toxic to them unless it contains grapes.