Curly dog traveling in an orange car

Tips for Traveling With Pets

When planning for a trip, you probably have to consider several things. Adding your cat or dog to the list, things can become overwhelming. You do not have to leave your cat or dog behind each time you are traveling. You can enjoy the company of your furry friend everywhere you go as long as you heed to the requirements. As such, here are some tips for traveling with pets.
  1. Prepare for your Journey. A plan is essential if you want to avoid any discomfort or trouble. If you have never taken your pet for a long trip, prepare them by taking short drives with them and then increase the trip distance gradually. You can take them to the airport terminal to familiarize them with that environment. Allow your cat or dog to exercise a little bit before you board the train or plane. This exercise will help both of you to lose any excess energy and keep calm during the journey. If you do not have the right crate already, you can ensure that your pet rides with his or her head inside the window for safe travel.
  2. Destination Rules.Whether you plan on travelling to another country, state, or city, you have to research the pet requirements for your destination. Rules may vary from state to state and country to country. Most countries have specific health requirements, such as vaccination. Visit the official embassy website of the country to find these rules.
  3. Airline’s Pet Policy.Travel policies for pets vary from one airline to another. Ensure you know all the policies before booking the flight. Look for a direct flight to avoid any stopovers. Airlines will also have different arrangements for in-cabin and cargo pet travel. Most airlines allow small pets such as birds in the cabin while they house the larger ones at the back. Ask about the condition of their travel space to see if you need to provide extra comfort to your pet. Visit the airline’s website to find out their pet policy and how to make your pet’s travel arrangements.
  4. Find Pet-friendly Accommodations.Even though most hotels welcome pets, some may not allow them, and this may not work for you. Make sure you research and ask about the hotel’s pet policies when booking your room. Some hotels may welcome pets, but only in specific rooms or floors. Some hotels may also specify the type, size, or weight of pets they allow. Make sure you ask all these questions before you book your room. Most establishments also publish this information on their official websites.
  5. K9 and Kitty Calmer. One of our favorite tips for traveling with pets is of course our all natural K9 and Kitty Calmer! If you have a restless pet, it may be stressful for you and them to travel on a plane or even a car. You no longer have to worry about how to calm your furry friend. K9 and Kitty calmer is an effective liquid from Liquid Health Pets that work wonders in calming a restless, hyper, or stressed pet. Just use the dropper to add a to your pets food, or it to them directly for a more peaceful trip for the both of you.
With these tips for traveling with pets, both of you can now enjoy your trip.