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Why My Dog Keeps Scratching, Is Itchy, with Dog Itch Relief

Why is my dog itchy, what may be the reason why my dog keeps scratching and what is the most effective dog itch relief are the types of questions most dog keepers ask. In this write-up, we will explain and help you better understand what is dog itching, the major causes of dog itching, and how you can your pets from itching.

Dog Itching

Itching is a kind of skin problem that makes your dog keeps on scratching, licking, and biting itself. This condition is very dangerous and can have far-reaching effects on the health of your pet. Thus, if you notice any sign of itching in your pets, it is very important to consult a vet to administer the required solution. Though itching is normal to pets, continuous itching is a bad sign. There are several reasons why your dog can itch, which can then answer the question of what may be the reason why my dog keeps scratching. Some of the reasons include the following:

Your Dogs'

is among the major reasons your dog keeps scratching. Dogs that are kept in a low humidity region are more likely to have than those in high humidity areas. In the undercoat, cracked or tough skin and loss of hair are the major signs of. In addition, a slight stimulation is made on the dog’s skin; this causes irritation and may lead to itching. This condition can cause discomfort so the dogs tend to scratch themselves violently against the wall and can lead to intense of the skin.

However, is not only influenced by the environmental conditions but also the kind of diet. A dog should be fed with the proven pet foods. For example, commercial pet foods are essential for providing a healthy skin and a lustrous hair coat because they are rich in essential oils that moisturizes and hydrates the skin. On the other hand, dry pet foods can cause severe dehydration of the skin and also stimulate increased thirst. However, if it’s a must to use dry pet food, it is important to add digestive enzymes. These enzymes improve the release of that help with the digestion processes. A functional digestive system absorbs fluids easily from the food that your dog eats, thus, improving the hydration and increasing the moisture on the skin and the hair coat.

Flying insects

Insects such as wasps and bees can bring irritation to the dog’s skin and may also be a good answer to a general statement of why my dog keeps scratching. A sting may be very uncomfortable, therefore, it is important to remove the stinger and apply the antibacterial ointment.

Ticks are also among the insect that may cause continuous scratching of the dogs. Ticks do not only cause swelling but also act as a medium for problems. Ticks should be sprayed with an effective pesticide that will eradicate them without having any side effects to the dog.

Other Reasons

Other major reasons that help answer the statement of my dog keeps scratching include the following:

  • General illness such as immune disorder, liver issues, and skin problems
  • Fungal infections including yeast infection
  • Bacterial skin infections among many other reasons that help towards to statement of my dog keeps scratching.

My Dog is Itchy and I Need a Dog Itch Relief

There are many things you can do to ease itching. Some methods of a dog itch relief include the following:

Bathing - Bathe your dog regularly in a cool water- one of the best ways to ease your dog’s itch is by bathing him in cool water. Avoid hot or warm water as it will make itching worse. To increase the soothing effects, you can add baking soda, Epsom salts, or colloidal oatmeal after bathing him, pat him with towel; avoid rubbing him as it will increase itching.

Fatty acids - another way you can offer dog itch relief is by giving him supplements that are rich in fatty acids. Evening primrose and marine oil contain high amounts of essential fatty acids that can ease itching. Although it may not offer direct results towards your statement of my dog is itchy, it provides a long term solution to the problem.

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