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Why Should I Start Giving My Puppy Dog Vitamins When Still Young?


One reason that makes dog vitamins among the most common supplements for dogs is because of their effectiveness of promoting overall wellness. Puppies are more prone to sickness, germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus compared to older dogs. Usually, the puppy should be able to acquire sufficient volumes from its meals. However, the quantities may be inadequate leading to poor health as well as future issues. One of the common supplements is vitamin C which helps improve the immune system. The active ingredients help to repair cells and tissues, boost the production of the white cells, and also help in getting rid of germs, bacteria, fungi and other harmful compounds.

Helps Enhance Brain and Heart Functions

If you are looking for dog supplements you should consider Vitamin B-12 which is one of the dog vitamins that top the list of supplements for dogs. It is associated with cell growth and development which is vital especially at the puppy’s early stages. According to research, dogs that lack this essential nutrient tend to have poor heart and brain development. The animal may either be weak, lack attentiveness, or isn’t quite intelligent. Such shortcomings are best avoided by giving the recommended supplements to the puppy. This ensures the puppies brain as well as heart receives the right vitamin B-12.



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Fat Burning

Did you know that certain dog vitamins are essential for burning fat and that’s why owners searching for dog supplements are encouraged to look for top supplements for dogs? Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E are known to contain high concentrations of antioxidants .These vital help in eradicating free radicals that interfere with the body’s metabolism. Providing these can help dogs becomes more active and energetic . An active dog burns extra calories thus maintains a healhier physique.

Improve The Pet’s Energy

Supplements for dogs, more so dog vitamins are highly sought after because dog supplements have shown to boost the puppy’s energy levels. Unlike many other forms of supplements, liquid vitamins are easily absorbed into the blood stream and start working almost immediately. Also, they remain in the body for a longer time.

Lead’s To a Healthier Coat and Skin

Dog vitamins are key to a shiny coat or fur since the supplements for dogs contain vitamin B and E which are essential. Together with other compounds such as minerals, potassium, and omega 3 fatty acids, the dog supplements will provide the for your puppy’s coat to grow healthy. This is why healthy dogs have a shiny, full, and silky coat, while their counterparts who lack the necessary vitamins shed lots of fur. The antioxidants, anti-bacterial, essential lipids (oils) and other substances in dog vitamins create a healthy environment for hair follicles as well as helping fur to thrive.

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