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World Records for Pets

We all think our pets are special and unique, but some pets are unique in ways that get more attention than others and have broken world records. Check out some fun world records for pets by Guinness World Records.

The Longest Cat Ever

cat in a basket for world records for pets

The longest domestic cat ever recorded was a cat named Stewie back in 2010. Stewie measured 48.5 inches long! Standing up, that cat was about the same height as a 4-foot human. That's almost as tall as the average 7-year-old! Crazy, right?

The Longest Tail on a Cat

A Silver Maine Coon cat has the longest tail ever recorded, measuring 44 inches. This cat’s tail alone is almost as long as our furry friend Stewie.

The Shortest Cat

We know who the longest cats are, but what about fun-sized cats? The shortest cat in the world today is a munchkin cat named Lillieput. She is only 5.25 inches from the ground to her shoulders. Be careful not to step on her!

The Tallest Dog in the World Ever

The tallest dog in the world was a Great Dane named Zeus. This giant dog was 44 inches tall on all fours. That’s almost 4 feet tall! We hope his owners had a table tall enough to keep this giant out of their food. Also, how much did they spend on dog food to this guy?

Longest Ears on a Dog

The longest ears on a dog ever recorded were over 13 inches each. That's over a foot for each ear! This dog probably spent a lot of time tripping on his ears. Poor guy.

The Smallest Dog in the World

Compared to Zeus, this dog is a snack! A dog named Milly holds the record for the smallest dog in the world, measuring at only 3.8 inches tall. This dog could fit inside a shoe! Let's face it, most of us would die if we saw a dog this small.

World records are so fun to read about, especially when they are about animals. Check out our article, 3 Reasons Your Dog Needs Vitamins Too to find out if starting your pet on vitamin supplements is a good option for them. Who knows, maybe one day your pet will break a world record too!