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Your Dog's Happiness Directly Affects Their Dog Health


When it comes to your dogs health, you may look at vitamins for dogs and also dog supplements; however, there is more to keeping them healthy than that. Your dog is affectionate, devoted and persistently forgiving. To your pet, you're the apple of their eye, so we are obligated to keep them both healthy and happy. Some people may not see the need for a pet to be happy. Surprisingly, there is tons of information out there on your dog health and how it is directly correlated to their overall happiness. So how does one make their pet happy?

Provide the Right Nutrition

Just like for humans, when your diet is off, it can make the body feel sick and weak. Vitamins for dogs can help your dogs health, as can dog supplements, but every kibble that goes into their body will affect them. Having a good diet will affect their weight, teeth, coat and even their vision. While those are all the obvious things, did you know that your pet's food can affect their mood too? From gas to nausea and even indigestion; pets seem to be troubled by problems related to their diet too. If you want a happy pet, them something that tastes good and is good for them too. If you can break free of commercial pet foods, raw food diets tend to be the most nutritious for a dog.



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Keep Them Moving

If you want to treat your dogs health by giving them vitamins for dogs or dog supplements, you're a good pet parent, but they need more. A sedentary lifestyle is no fun for anyone. What happens is a person never leaves their home? They would obviously become depressed seeing the same four walls each day. Dogs are very social animals and they love to socialize. Take them to the local dog park and let them get out in the fresh air. If you keep them moving, you will keep their weight problems to a minimum. The dog that is out seeing and being adored by others will fare better than one that is stuck inside all day long. Even if there is no dog park around, make sure to take them for a walk every day.

Learn Their Language

While dogs cannot talk, they do communicate with you. They will tell you what they want and when they want it. Ever seen a dog go to their food or water bowl and bark when it's empty? They are trying to tell you what they need. Learn to watch for their cues and listen to what they are trying to tell you. While it's not an audible voice, they certainly have their say. If you and your dog don't have an open line of communication, it can make things very hard on them. They may feel that they cannot get you to pay attention to their needs, which can be frustrating.

Play Games

Vitamins for dogs and dog supplements only go so far when it comes to your dogs health. They need interaction and stimulation. That's why animals love to play games. While they may not be able to play Sudoku with you, they can fetch, catch a ball and even learn to play other games. Mental stimulation is imperative for a dog. Keeping your pet involved in new and exciting activities will keep their minds and bodies agile. Even things like learning new tricks and commands can be a fun experience; especially when they get a treat. Look at animals in circus acts. These pooches can push baby buggies and do tricks that humans can do. There is so much potential to teach these animals new things, and you get to spend more time with them too.Liquid Health pets footer for articles